Interactive solutions for Web, Mobile and PC

Interactive solutions are widely used in development of CAD and proceses monitoring systems for engineering, medicine and industries. TV, film industry and internet use video, audio and animation multimedia along with interactive software applications to create amazing and memorable experiences. Why you need it? Internet, mobile visual design and development systems (CAD), will enable your engineers to design new products or monitor industrial proceses more easly and with better accessability. Interactive products and services presentations will allow your clients to learn more about your company, products or services in a new and interesting way. Multimedia content enriched with audio, video, animation interactivity and other modern technologies will make your show exceptional and unforgetable. Our promise We offer modern, multiplatform oriented, interactive real-time computer graphics solutions for web, mobile and PC. We will design, develop and implement 3D design and multimedia systems and applications, games and learning content powered by modern OpenGL, WebGL technologies matching your individual needs.

Contact us and we will offer you exceptional interactive solution meeting all your expectations.